Thursday, 26 Nov 2015


Anne Akiko Meyers: New Album Is As If Tony Bennett Were to Play the Violin


Only once in a lifetime does an artist come along where they enchant the hearts of millions, conveying the message of love and happiness with the artistry of a master and the soul of an angel. As a society, we revel in the accomplishments of artists of this nature. We find commonalities in their ambitions, strive for excellence and ability to communicate effectively via an art form. This connection gives us inspiration, motivating us to reach for higher levels of mastery in our own lives.

Today, we are honored to feature an artist that has, and continues, to inspire millions around the world with her mastery of the violin. From an early age she knew she would play music. But I’m not sure she could have predicted the massive success that she has become today. With over 30 acclaimed 


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