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Stephanie Urbina Jones Talks Love, Family, and Fiery Personal Power


AMC: So, tell us about how your career has been going over the last couple of years?

Stephanie: Well I’m the first female to go #1 in the Texas music chart and then after that, my career kinda took off and I went with it – and was very thankful. I have had a lot of great things happen, even touring internationally. But, when I came back this year I felt like I just wanted to add this one song that I felt was hitting a cultural chord and it was hitting a nerve in me too as a mother, as a writer and, as an American. So, I decided to add it and bring it back to the heartland and put it out as a separate single. As a result, I hit the road and I went back out to reintroduce myself to a lot of these radio DJ's I didn't know and a lot of them I did know, already. And it’s just been really great, it's like old friends week.

AMC: Where all have you gone on the radio tour?

Stephanie:  Texas and Oklahoma is what we have with the Texas Red Dirt radio format as far as I know, so it's the only format in the country where we kinda have our own voice. So, that’s where I’ve focused a lot on. And so, this radio tour has been awesome. These radio stations are “mom and pop” owned and that's who the song is about. It's about bringing back what made this country great and giving voices to that. That's a long answer but that's my experience so far. 

AMC: Family is very important to you. How do you feel your music speaks to the working class of people who love their families like you do? 

Stephanie: When you think about it, there's just a lot of people that look at the end of the month and they’re trying to pay the bills they have. I feel that there is pervasiveness in this country, no one movement can cha


Anne Akiko Meyers: New Album Is As If Tony Bennett Were to Play the Violin


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Today, we are honored to feature an artist that has, and continues, to inspire millions around the world with her mastery of the violin. From an early age she knew she would play music. But I’m not sure she could have predicted the massive success that she has become today. With over 30 acclaimed 


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