Sunday, 04 Oct 2015

Meagan Tubb and Shady People - Cast Your Shadow

megantubbMeagan Tubb and Shady People

Cast Your Shadow



Meagan Tubb is what you would call a “trifecta”. First, the statuesque brunette with eyes the color of polar ice could very easily step into the lead role on the next vampire trilogy. She has that mysterious; “looking through your soul” thing going that Hollywood would kill for. Second, is the voice. Reminiscent of something you would hear wafting through the magnolia laden breezes of New Orleans on Bourbon Street in the late 40’s, it is rock solid blues one minute and velvet soft ballad the next. Very unpredictable.

Third, is the guitar work she does. It’s not very often that you see a female artist pick up a Les Paul guitar and start ripping off slide runs and riffs that make your eyes water. She blends every note she plays with the roller coaster ability she has with her vocals to perfection, never over playing or trying to jam too much into the song, always complimentary to what she’s singing. All this together is featured on her new album “Cast Your Shadow”, a fine piece of work.

Starting off with “Rock and Roll Séance”, you’ve got a heavy kick bass kickoff then a blistering slide, then it all begins; barely contained, boundless vocals that drift perfectly along with the melody for awhile then, with no effort at all, screaming to cloud bound levels, all in a seamless transition. It continues on with songs like “The Key”, “Fly”, “Damsel in Distress”, “The Hoax”.  A singer who knows how to move notes around to paint  pictures in words, emotion and pure power. You really need to hear for yourself to truly appreciate what’s been done by this brilliant singer, musician, and writer at or

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