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Singer-Songwriter Antonia Bennett Set To Play SXSW March 16-19

AntoniaBennettSXSW2011FlyerSinger/Songwriter Antonia Bennett, daughter of legendary crooner Tony Bennett, will be performing live at the 25th annual SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, in promotion of her upcoming album Ordinary Girl. Produced by songwriter Holly Knight, Bennett’s debut pop album features a different sound unlike her Jazz Ep Natural.  The 11-track album contains more Pop/Rock elements, while continuing to showcase Bennett’s sultry Jazz vocal interpretations. Recommended tracks on Ordinary Girl include “Here For You”, “The Things We Do For Love”, and “Pleasure and Pain”.

Antonia Bennett’s soothing vocals are particularly evident in the romantic ballad “Here For You”. The Guitar-driven track features Bennett serenading her love with the lyrics, “…Lay down your troubles/There’s nothing to fear/Nothing to hide from/Baby I’m here/I know it’s a struggle/I know that you’re blue/You should know I’m here for you./”  The Adult-Contemporary track features passionate lyrics from Bennett, while showcasing a sultry vocal approach from the singer.

The tracks “The Things We Do For Love” and “Pleasure and Pain” feature Bennett singing stories of frustration and exhaustion in demeaning relationships. In the Pop-influenced track “The Things We Do For Love” features Bennett singing of being tired of trying to please the significant other. The lyrics, “…You don’t seem to care/I throw my hands up in the air/I’m just so mystified/ By your arrogance…/” describe a woman’s tiredness with trying to impress her lover. While the song “The Things We Do For Love” provides a lighter approach to struggles in relationships, the track “Pleasure and Pain” provides a darker mood when feeling absence in the relationship. “Pleasure and Pain”, Bennett’s remake to the popular 80’s tune by the Divinyls, displays a more Bass and Rock-enthused approach while showcasing a Bluesy vocal style within the lyrics. Award-winning songwriter Holly Knight, producer of Bennett’s upcoming release Ordinary Girl, originally co-wrote the Divinyls’ Rock tune alongside fellow contributor Mike Chapman in 1985. The lyrics, “…I’ve been standing in the back of your life/Back row centre just above the ice/Please don’t ask me how I’ve been getting off…/” display a darker tone while Bennett sings of familiar pain within the lyrics.

Since her debut album was released, Antonia Bennett has been featured in various magazines and on various television outlets including ASCAP music magazine, Rachael Ray, Live With Regis, and The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts.  Alongside her father Tony Bennett, Antonia Bennett has performed live at various venues across the World. Since the age of 4, Antonia Bennett has performed alongside her father at events such as the 1984 White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, The Lincoln Center, and London, England’s Royal Albert Hall. During the four-day event for the SXSW festival, Bennett will also appear alongside her father.

Scheduled, upcoming performances include Tennessee Performing Arts Center (Nashville, Tennessee), Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater (Austin, Texas), Davies Symphony Hall (San Francisco, California), along with many additional gigs.
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Dannielle Davis

Photo: 1888 Media